The ultimate power-trio of the Twenty-First Century, bringing to the masses the lost art of Rock ’N’ Roll…
These titans of progressive and plain meat-and-potatos hard rock have sliced and diced at every listening ear. Formed in April of 2016, the band has appeared at such venues as The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Jergel’s Rhythm Grill, Hard Rock Cafe in Station Square, the Deutschtown Music Festival, the Millvale Music Festival and various other places in the greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania area.  One needn’t look far for talent in these unassuming individuals, as their own music and lyrics with a style unprecedented has been present from the very conception of the band.
Songs like “Wanted Man”, “Set the World on Fire” and “Along The Way,” give the listener a taste, dare it be said, a mouthful of Trevolta’s classic rock infused flavors, while newer tracks such as “A Noble Vision,” and “Thoughts Of A Man,” make known an odd, yet beautiful, combination of punk and progressive pieces.
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